Aerospace & Defense

Providing and leading automated process control services for the aerospace & defense sector.

Satellite imagery of a hemisphere of earth showing Asia in daylight and America at nightSatellite imagery of a hemisphere of earth showing Asia in daylight and America at night

Optimize aerospace & defense manufacturing

Nanotronics recognizes the aerospace & defense sector as an epicenter of innovation. That's why we've partnered with the most influential aerospace companies in the world to deliver exceptional high-volume output.

Meet safety requirements

Our systems use AI software and sophisticated imaging solutions to meet FAA safety standards by eliminating the need for human interpretation in close inspection of aerospace materials.

Device manufacturing on autopilot

We use machine learning and robotics to accelerate and refine production, making our platforms optimal for manufacturing highly accurate feedback systems while ensuring hermetic security of aircraft control devices.

CNC machining of military precision aerospace partsCNC machining of military precision aerospace parts

Quality control for satellite and communication hardware

Nondestructive inspection (NDI)

Our systems ensure that aircraft materials are of the highest quality and functionality. Visual inspection methods produce the fastest possible results with minimal training and part preparation.

Detailed visual inspection (DVI)

Defects often overlooked by the human eye are immediately identified, quantified, and classified. Our process control system learns adaptively from production procedures and applies novel information.

Silicon Carbide – Tech Note
Process engineer with laptop on factory floorProcess engineer with laptop on factory floor
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