Optimize process control with our generative AI system. nControl integrates factory sensor and automation data to track, monitor, and improve yields and performance.

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Get manufacturing processes working better, faster

Increase yield and quality

Understand how different process variables affect performance metrics and discover adjustments that reduce defectivity.

Avoid factory downtime

Rapidly and automatically detect the root causes of process failures.

Scale R&D to production across facilities

Accelerate manufacturing process development and scale up production by automatically optimizing process settings for new production contexts.

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The anomaly detection capabilities nControl offered to us were highly effective in streamlining and refining the site’s chemical processes.



How it works

Data Warehouse

Organize your factory data.

Integrate data from diverse sources across the production process.

Unified structured database

Combine process logs, sensor readings, and quality measurements into a single, chronologically organized database that shows how each batch evolves from start to finish.

Analytics made simple

Track trends, compare performance between sites and processes, and drill down on particular batches or equipment components.


On-premise edge computing ensures that your data always stays with you.

Streamlined compatibility

Our integrations make it easy to ingest data from leading PLC brands, protocols such as SECS‑GEM, or industrial databases.

Realtime monitoring

Identify and avoid process anomalies.

Real-time process monitoring for early detection of production problems.

Zero process downtime

nControl can be installed while your factory is operating, enabling a smooth transition to Industry 4.0.

Early warning without alarm fatigue

nControl monitors for anomalous patterns in process data. So it can catch problems before traditional alarms go off — without wasting operators’ time flagging routine or transient harmless changes.

Root cause analysis

nControl analyzes process data leading up to an incident to pinpoint which parts of the process may have been responsible.

Realtime KPI prediction

nControl predicts quality and yield metrics in real time — so you can anticipate how a product will perform, even before it’s finished.

Autonomous Control

Automate process improvement

The next generation of process control: processes that optimize themselves to achieve better performance.

Reinforcement learning

nControl models learn flexibly from data, generating process adjustments predicted to improve quality and productivity KPIs.

Flexible, self-healing processes

Rescue quality from unexpected perturbations by adjusting the process in real time.

Accelerated process development

Take the trial-and-error out of R&D by automating the search for the best-performing process.

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Use inspection data to improve your process

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nSpec Integration

One platform, many applications

nSpec caters to a wide range of customers with ease — in R&D, high-volume manufacturing, semiconductors, healthcare, and beyond.

High throughput

nSpec software comes standard across all systems, decreasing the time needed to find device-killing defects.

Powered by Nanotronics AI

nTelligence is able to identify, classify, and assign causality to various features of interest.

Modular to fit any location

nSpec comes with various footprints to meet the facility requirements of many production environments.


Give your process engineers superpowers

Pairing process engineering teams with realtime AI assistance lifts production to new heights.

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