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Identifying critical defects in sapphire


Advanced autofocus algorithms determine an autofocus map to deliver precise results across batches.

Golden template

nSpec generates a golden template to compare against scan images. To ignore feature boundaries, fiducial marks, and other regions, a mask is applied to the golden template.

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The nSpec PS is highly flexible and detects defects in a variety of wafers, substrates, and materials.

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Automated optical inspection tool with robotic wafer loader, nSpec PSAutomated optical inspection tool with robotic wafer loader, nSpec PS

Defect types

  • Craters

    Determine irregularities that occur during the plating process.

  • Pillars

    Pillar defects can affect device performance, reliability, and yield.

  • Stains

    Identify color differences during fabrication process to prevent degraded electrical properties.


Silicon on Sapphire

Grow silicon epitaxy on sapphire substrate.


On etched wafers, detect defect types by shape and provide counts, sizes, and locations for all defects, such as threading edge dislocations, and threading screw dislocations.

Lattice mismatch

Easily identify lattice mismatch and thermal stress from a difference in thermal expansion coefficients.

Surface roughness

Determine surface roughness or haze to prevent non-uniform surfaces in subsequent processing steps.


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