Transforming our information infrastructure, down to the nanoscale

Photo of a semiconductor fabrication plantPhoto of a semiconductor fabrication plant

Drive chip yields higher

Semiconductors are the foundation of the modern world — from communications technology to flight controls to medical devices. Nanotronics’ advanced systems can be used to ensure quality in any precision process.


Our tools are deployed for early detection of microscopic contaminants and manufacturing defects throughout wafer, device, and chip fabrication processes.

Process optimization

Integrating inspection, metrology, and process data, our analysis and process optimization tools use AI to diagnose process problems and drive continuous improvement.

Engineer in cleanroom inspecting semiconductorEngineer in cleanroom inspecting semiconductor

Applications at each stage of the supply chain

Our family of inspection and process control tools can be used across semiconductor manufacturing — from substrates through bare and patterned wafers all the way to packaged devices.

Novel materials

Our expertise in compound and wide-bandgap semiconductors gives us a unique edge in applications such as photonics, sensors, wireless devices, and power electronics.

Flexible tools

Our nSpec and nControl inspection and process control tools can be configured for diverse process stages and device designs. Use them across your facilities to gain end-to-end manufacturing insights that scale and adapt along with your processes.

Tech Note – Gallium Nitride on Silicon Carbide
Process engineer with laptop on factory floorProcess engineer with laptop on factory floor
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