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Identifying critical defects in graphene


Advanced autofocus algorithms determine an autofocus map to deliver precise results across batches.


nSpec offers flexibility and can handle sample sizes ranging from 50 mm to 300 mm wafers.

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Learn how the nSpec LS can efficiently increase yields in the lab and scale processes.

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Optical inspection tool nSpec LSOptical inspection tool nSpec LS

Defect types

  • Fold defects

    Folds in graphene are often formed during the transfer process and can affect the electronic properties of graphene by introducing strain.

  • Scroll defects

    Scrolls can form during the transfer process when graphene experiences mechanical stress, or when there is a mismatch in thermal expansion coefficients between graphene and the substrate.

  • Foreign material contamination

    Identify small particles from equipment or the environment during processing.

  • Surface roughness

    Determine surface roughness or haze to prevent non-uniform surfaces in subsequent processing steps.


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