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interior of Nanotronics Headquartersinterior of Nanotronics Headquarters
What we do

Nanotronics is using AI to help manufacturers implement novel and efficient production practices.

Increase yields

By identifying and predicting failures in process, our AI corrects for errors before they arise. Avoiding potentially drastic shutdown boosts uptime and eliminates faulty materials, resulting in greater yields for manufacturers.

Raising industry standards

Our deep learning system is continuously self-improving using your factory data, offering autonomous production control and greater insight into processes.

Greener factories

Our AI can track metrics such as energy use, resource use, and emissions. We use this data to optimize for cleaner, more efficient manufacturing processes.

Reinforced security

We identify process anomalies that indicate malicious attacks, and directly modify processes to prevent security breaches in your facility.


Nanotronics serves as the blueprint for what can be accomplished when we transform manufacturing through the application of decision-making AI technologies.

interior of Nanotronics Headquarters, modern staircase in industrial buildinginterior of Nanotronics Headquarters, modern staircase in industrial building


Nanotronics' Building 20, located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, has a rich manufacturing history. Opening its doors in the mid-1800s, Building 20 once served as a manufacturing center for the first iron-clad steam-powered ships.

facade of Nanotronics Headquarters at sunsetfacade of Nanotronics Headquarters at sunset

About Nanotronics

Nanotronics is an industrial AI company that deploys advanced optical solutions to optimize manufacturing procedures, refining and expediting assembly for any industry relying on a precision process for production.

Nanotronics uses hardware and software solutions to clean, sort, and manage existing data, as well as data collected in real time across sensors placed strategically within customers’ plants. This data is stored on local servers to ensure maximum security.

Interior of Nanotronics Headquarters with modern staircase in industrial buildingInterior of Nanotronics Headquarters with modern staircase in industrial building

Our impact

Nanotronics helps customers bring lab experimentation and R&D innovation to devise scalable business solutions and advance our industrial future.

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