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Nanotronics has raised the bar by working closely with manufacturers to produce state-of-the-art inspection systems that meet their needs.

Factory control is a key element of high-volume production. Nanotronics is building an AI-powered platform for autonomous manufacturing.


We started with inspection.

The world’s most advanced automated optical inspection system combines computer vision, AI, and optical microscropy to inspect the world’s most sophisticated technologies.

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We scaled to tackle each stage of production.

Delivering unparalleled efficiency, precision, and adaptability to a range of manufacturing environments, our AI-powered factory control tool correlates otherwise unseen process data into valuable insights.

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And now, we are creating the future of industry.

Nanotronics products are deployed in the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world to ensure higher yields, reduced waste, and lower costs. Our goal? To transform the entire manufacturing stack, from top to bottom.

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Building the tools today for the factory of tomorrow.

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PatentsNanotronics has utility patents for technology across industries and supports employee innovations.
LocationsWith offices in California, Ohio, New York, and Munich, Nanotronics works locally and acts globally.
DeploymentsNanotronics ships tools and installs on-edge AI solutions for industry leading manufacturers.
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