Combine automated optical inspection and AI-driven process control to drive up yields.

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Assists process engineers in finding anomalies faster

AI software and hardware ingest metrology data and MES data to provide key insights of even the subtlest of changes in time to take corrective action. Compare various sensor streams to select the best settings for production. Our AI models learn the relationships between processes and quality outcomes.

Expedite excursions

Find bottlenecks in production and avoid lengthy excursions by viewing equipment performance alongside sample production.

MES & Inspection

Give your team superpowers and valuable insights when combining your MES data with inspection data and a trained AI model.

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How it works

Increase Yields

Understand process data, better

Copilot is a software and hardware solution that uses the latest AI models to discover anomalies in equipment performance, allowing process engineers to stay a step ahead of yield issues.

Get the most out of every machine

Compare different machines’ performance and sensor data to select the best settings.

Get processes ready for production

Our AI models learn the relationships between process settings and quality outcomes so you can adjust settings to get better results.

Diagnose process problems

Analyze metrology and process data on each production run to localize the sources of quality variability.

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Make your factory smart with Automated Optical Inspection

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Robust data analysis to identify key microdata points

Copilot enables process engineers to discover anomalies by autonomously ingesting various characterization data from production line MES systems and nSpec inspection data.

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Tool scoreboard

Highlight any resource performing below expectations to help process engineers immediately identify the root cause of yield loss.

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Product process overview

Visualize bottlenecks on a per-product basis to assist engineers and operators by circumventing any actively anomalous equipment.


Copilot assists manufacturers at any stage of manufacturing.

Copilot is used to assist R&D teams at high-volume production facilities during every step of the process.

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