The nSpec CPS is the ideal system for high-volume manufacturing environments.

nSpec CPS, a cabinet sized semiconductor inspection device on a black backgroundnSpec CPS, a cabinet sized semiconductor inspection device on a black background

Detect defects on a variety of wafers in high-volume production

High volume production

nSpec CPS allows operators to quickly and efficiently identify defects within volume production.

Robust handling

Scan any sample size with FOUP loadports to keep pace with volume production needs.

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nSpec's machine learning functionality has given deeper insight into our processes. It guides us to better techniques which have improved our yields and costs significantly.


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Close up shot of an nSpec CPS with the green lights on the attached light tower and load station glowingClose up shot of an nSpec CPS with the green lights on the attached light tower and load station glowing

Find device-killing defects.

illustrated graphic icon for aluminum oxideillustrated graphic icon for aluminum oxide

Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum oxide serves as an insulating substrate due to its thermal stability.

illustrated graphic icon for gallium nitrideillustrated graphic icon for gallium nitride

Gallium Nitride

Gallium nitride is utilized in power electronics for its wide bandgap.

illustrated graphic icon for indium phosphideillustrated graphic icon for indium phosphide

Indium Phosphide

Indium phosphide is used in optoelectronics for its high electron mobility.

illustrated graphic icon for siliconillustrated graphic icon for silicon


Silicon is the foundation of microprocessors due to its semiconductor properties and abundance.

Tech Specs
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  • Weight

    1180 kg

  • Dimensions (W x D x H)

    240 cm x 194 cm x 262 cm

  • Min. Vacuum Requirement

    -21 in. Hg (-70 kPa)

  • Power Supply

    208⁠—⁠240 VAC, 15A, 50⁠—⁠60 Hz

  • Min. Clean Dry Air

    60 PSI (415 kPa)


  • Illumination Modes

    Brightfield, Darkfield, Automated DIC (Nomarski)

  • Light Source

    White light LED (other options available)

  • Objectives

    5x (included), 1.25x, 2x, 2.5x, 10x, 20x, 50x

  • Objective Turret

    5‑position, User‑selectable


  • Travel, typical

    350 mm X and Y directions

  • Positioning

    Linear servo motors with closed‑loop encoders (50 nm resolution)

  • Repeatability

    +/- 2 µm

  • Travel Flatness

    20 µm

  • Centered Load Capacity

    5 kg


  • Supported Protocols

    SECS/GEM, E-84 Interface

  • Illumination

    Transmitted light with 
automated polarizer

  • Filters

    12‑position filter wheel

  • Enclosure

    CleanCube, Air Ionizers, Light Curtains

  • Handling

    OCR (frontside or backside), Ergonomic cassette loader, Sample specific fixtures

  • Load Port

    N2 Purge Load Port, 200 mm cassette adapter for Load Port

  • Machine learning

    Offline workstation, nTelligence™


Automate inspection across your R&D and production lines

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is one of the most efficient forms of device inspection, but it is typically limited by resolution. Nanotronics AI detection algorithms overcome this and detect defects that would otherwise go unnoticed.


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